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Add edge and charm with a ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace

We call our ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace "Sky" – and it indeed floats elegantly in the air with its round dome and sleek ceiling mount. The ceiling-mounted design saves floor space while adding a simple and stylish solution that will undoubtedly give the room an understated and elegant edge and charm. It quickly becomes a gathering point for the family and a place where many will seek to relax and unwind.

One of the biggest advantages of a ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace from Le Feu is its unique design, which gives the impression that the flames are floating in the air. This effect can be particularly impressive when the bioethanol fireplace is placed in a room with high ceilings, allowing the flames to dance freely and create a stunning visual effect.

Like our other bioethanol fireplaces, our ceiling-mounted fireplace operates using bioethanol as fuel, making it both environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Unlike traditional fireplaces, a ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace does not require a chimney or other venting, making it an easy, convenient, and very elegant option. Additionally, you don't have to worry about soot and ash from your ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace, as using high-purity bioethanol completely avoids these nuisances.


Customize your ceiling-mounted bio fireplace to fit your needs and taste

Our ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace comes in different rod lengths, allowing you to choose how high it should hover above the floor. If you have a room with a vaulted ceiling, you often need a longer rod than if you have a flat ceiling, and you can get a rod up to 140 cm in length.

You also have ample opportunity to customize your ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace with colors and materials that fit your decor. The dome itself is available in beautiful colors such as mocha, nickel, white, and black, while the ceiling mount is available in rosegold, black, and steel. You can choose the combination of dome and ceiling mount that you prefer. Are you drawn to the warm and elegant combination of mocha and rosegold, or does a minimalist and simple combination of black and steel better suit your decor? The choice is yours, though it can be difficult. You can design your unique bioethanol fireplace here, and with our AR tool, test out what fits best in your home. You can also configure free-standing and wall-mounted bioethanol fireplace models.

Overall, a ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace from Le Feu is a beautiful and practical way to add warmth and atmosphere to any room. With its modern and eco-friendly design, it is the perfect addition to any home that wishes to incorporate sustainable and stylish heating solutions.


Purchase a ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplace from Le Feu

At Le Feu, we prioritize design, quality, and safety when designing our ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplaces. They are developed in collaboration with skilled specialists and engineers who ensure the highest quality and safety, so you can light up the coziness at home with peace of mind.

Do you have questions about our ceiling-mounted bioethanol fireplaces? Feel free to contact us via our contact form. You can also call us at +45 4184 0000 on weekdays between 8 AM and 4 PM. We look forward to hearing from you!Le Feu – every home deserves a warm heart.

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