Build your own fireplace

Welcome to Le Feu biofireplace designer!

We are excited to present our advanced 3D tool that allows you to create your very own unique bio fireplace. Easily experiment with different configurations of our popular Le Feu Dome and Eye biofireplaces, all of which are easily integrable to bring warmth and coziness both indoors and in your home's outdoor spaces.

Choose from various types such as one of our many freestanding models, our ceiling-mounted Dome Sky, or wall-mounted Dome Wall - depending on what suits your space and personal style best.


Subtle elegance or a bold statement?

When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a wide range of colors for your Dome or Eye, as well as legs and base plates, including classic choices like black, white, and mocca, or create a more modern look with colors like nickel, silver, and rose gold. Whether you prefer a minimalist expression or a more eye-catching style, you can tailor your biofireplace to perfectly complement your decor. You can also choose between two different burners: stainless steel or rose gold. These options allow you to customize your biofireplace down to the smallest detail and create a unique expression that suits your personal taste.


Complete the experience with AR

Once you've designed your dream fireplace, you can use our Augmented Reality feature to virtually place it in your living room. That way, you can get an accurate impression of how your biofireplace will look in your home before making your final decision.

So let your creativity run wild and design your very own unique Le Feu biofireplace.


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